2nd Mac Training Session – 16th September 2010


The session was perhaps better than the first with a wider spectrum of users.  (Teachers and Teacher Aids). We tuned up the training and we progressed passed the introductory details and got to the core of how to use Macs in education.  Specifically we looked at the iLife and iWorks products available to help teachers. For example, how to create a podcast, how to do a screen capture using QuickTime, (this is something about which I was not aware). WOW. It’s so easy for teachers to create a tutorial with Sound and Vision.  Window users need expensive products like Camatasia or alternative Opensource solutions like Fink or Wink and in Macland we simply use software built into  OSX. WOW.

We looked at iMovie, iChat, iCal and GarageBand.  Overall, it was a great session and generally well received. This group will have the advantage of  keeping their Macbooks for the next two weeks  of the school holidays. They will need to be returned before the 4th of October.

Order of Events

  • Introduction, Watch Apple Videos vs PC Videos, (This is an “Out of Box Experience”), Switch On, Describe the Different Hardware, Components, Video Camera, Audio, Digital Video.
  • Watch the Mac Welcome Video, Select Keyboard, Do you have a Mac,  Do not transfer information, Connect to Wireless, Apple ID (No), Name Details (it can make it a little complicated if you connect to the wireless network. At main Mac StarGaze screen, Describe Brightness Button and Volume Buttons (F1/2 F11/12 Trackpad, Open System preferences, and show the tutorial on the trackpad.

Explain the Layout of Mac, Finder, Dashboard

iChat – can be used for support, from a productivity and troubleshooting Address Book, the great thing about Mac is everything works together, iCal about collaboration, personal and work diaries.  Open Quick – Time demonstrated how to do a screen recording, this is great for creating a Tutorial / Screen Recording  add it to your Calendar, and then invite attendees. iTunes – possibilities of Audio in Education. PhotoBooth – How to create effective Lessons using PhotoBooth , Effects background, iPhoto.  iMovie – new project, do a 30 second clip, may be a great idea to get up and and move about the room before the recording. Breaks the clip into 5 second clips,  demonstrate drag into the movie window.

Applications: Exposure to  iWorks09 Suite ( Pages, Numbers and KeyNote).


  • Demonstrates how to install applications by dragging into the applications folder
  • Demonstrates how to modify the track pad to “Tap to Click”.
  • Explains the Delete Key vs Backspace Key
  • Demonstrates how to make the doc, larger or smaller to fit in more space by clicking on the separator in the doc and dragging that up or down.

My own Comments:

  • Comment: Prepare an Escalation Procedure Document for the Mac and for the Staff and Students in the school including remote Desktop for Teachers and Staff
  • Comment:  Some of users at the last learning session did not fully understand how to install applications, I should like to ensure that people understand how to install applications.
  • Comment” Sadly the MacBooks don’t have Firewire, InraRed input or Audio, sadly this is probably done to segment the market and encourage users to get Mac Book Pro’s
  • Comment: Request the presentation in KeyNote and also the feedback from the learners

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