1st Mac Training Session – 3rd September 2010

This comes to you live 🙂  our very first session seems to be going well, we are currently in the boardroom in the new library:  Quite fitting to be in here.  Invites were offered to the whole school staff, 9 teachers responded, and will have the Macbooks to take home for a week and 2 weekends.

We have loaded 10 Macbooks and a Macserver Apple for a month. Leading Edge have kindly offered to come on site and do our initial training session, this is a precursor to the full training which will be offered to Teachers after our Macbooks and iMacs are installed during the holidays.

We have consumed an hour of training and covered an array of  topics, starting with an Out of the Box experience, continuing to the trackpad, how clicking in Mac Land works, The Doc, iMovie and Garage band.  I’m impressed by how much has been achieved in limited time without much effort.

Also covered, Photoboth, iCal, iPhoto, Timemachine, System Preferences

4:40pm Moved into teaching the iWorks Suite of software.

We wrapped up with a very brief introduction to the wiki, and blogs hosted on our Mac Server.  Over all it has been an exciting end to our day, not only from my perspective but from the presenters perspective. As I walked him to the car he commented on 4 people asking if they could purchase a Mac.

Anita commented about how easy it was to do website publishing in Mobile Me,  and questioned why I had not advised her previously to purchase a Mac 🙂

Thoughts and Observations

  • We could not feasibly to larger groups than 10 with 2 staff / presenters so training staff will need to be rotated:  I will need to investigate using the Macbook trolley for loan for the first batch of training so that users and experience Macs for a week at least, doing the training and an out of box experience on a Friday was a good idea because it gave Teachers the weekend to play.
  • iChat may present a problem to us in a school environment and we may need to consider what the best way forward will be.  I personally like the idea of leaving iChat enabled, especially in a One to One model.
  • Authentication to the Mac Sever seems to be case sensitive, which may be a problem, Open Directory is linked to Active Directory,  I am not certain about this but will need to follow up.

Overall a successful training session.

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