Moodle was set up in May 2007

Moodle was first set up in May 2007,  the purpose and goal was to use it for sharing information with teachers and for the daily notices.  I was very fortunate during this early stage of implementing Moodle to make contact with Chad Outten the founder of My Learning Space.

I set it up myself and then asked Chad to provide some assistance, one of the first things Chad did for me was to set up a Moodle Demo Course.


  1. Our toughest challenge was internet speed and bandwidth.
  2. The  next closest challenge was getting people to use Moodle and realise the possibilities and potential of using Moodle in education.
  3. Out third challenge was the lack of centralised login and password and it was not until about 2013 that we would get synchronised passwords working with Active Directory.
Hi Roland,
nice job > site is looking good!
fyi – I logged into GCCC & created, uploaded a new course titled ‘Moodle Demo Course’. it basically showcases Moodle features
I’ve got plenty of ‘live’ courses (200+) but most would be a difficult upload to Moodle or back-end ftp bcs they’re quite large course files (50MB+). i cld post you a cd if you wish?
as mentioned previous, there are downloadable courses @ open university lab space & teacher exchange.
happy moodling!

The College began to use Moodle for daily notices, but there were of coarse the challenges I mentioned earlier, and these challenges would impede the full adoption of Moodle in our School.

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