Thoughts about SVS (Software Virtualization Solution)

SVS is a program developed by Altris which can be used to run and manage virtual applications and software.

I have been using SVS for about six months now and am very impressed by what I can do so easily and intuitively. I have used it to run almost all my applications virtually. One of the key benefits of this is that I can easily export the application and migrate it to a new or different computer.

It is similar in many ways to VMware which allows the user to run virtual operating systems however in this instance it is the application that can be virtualised and activated or deactivated, imported or exported.  Once the virtual application is deactivated there is no bearing or impact on the operating system of any sort and it does not exist in the registry or in the “normal” file system. It exists only in the data file or whatever it is that Altiris have chosen to call it.

SVS is free for personal use. If you often find yourself installing a programme which you later wished you never installed Altiris is what you have been looking for. Altiris monitors what you install and virtualises the application so what is installed has little or no impact on the existing computer environment.

Homeschoolers can benefit significantly from virtualised applications since we are continually installing aind uninstalling educational programmes and utilities.  Quite often these programmes are not  well written and overtime can clutter and slow down your computer.  If you find yourself in this category of user then you may wish to have  a good look at SVS by Altiris.

If you’re reasonably computer savvy you will quickly figure out how it works and begin to benefit from SVS and Software Vitualisation.  If you are not very comfortable with virtualisation don’t worry SVS will ( I feel)  soon be appearing in different forms and guises in your computer since they have alliances with companies like Dell, Hewlett Packard, VMWare.

No doubt a useful, clean uncomplicated product like SVS  will someday be swallowed up by some conglomerate and  no longer be freely available or worse will become over complicated and  obfuscated in much the same way that  Skype and PayPal were after they were purchased.   This is why whenever possible I use open source software.

For More Information about SVS

Get Ready Build Applications  –
An SVS Tutorial –


  • 2009 – SVS was designed for Windows XP
  • 2017   – SVS  now called Symantec Workspace Virtualization


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